Our Duty

Our company is busy with solving innovatively all problems in the field of communications cables construction and repair both in Azerbaijan and also through its borders and to give technical services that meet high quality standards.

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Adress: Baku City,Biladjari apt,
Phone.: /+994 12/ 401 – 31 – 71
      /+994 12/ 401 – 30 – 71
     / +994 12/ 401 – 31 – 91
Fax: /+994 12/ 401 – 34 – 24
Mob.: /+994 50/ 245 – 88 – 92
e-mail: ks.dis@box.az




“Cable Service LLC”- was established as a company of limited liability on the basis of private equity on 15 October 2011. The legal address of the company is – Baku city, Bilajari village, Fizuli Street 11a. At the given address, in the area of 0.7 ha is located the official office of the company and also closed storehouses, special playgrounds for machinery mechanisms, recreation and home room for employee’s. The company fulfills its activities on the basis of license N- AB 008200 given on February 11, 2011 by the State Committee for construction architecture. The Company’s main activity sphere is the construction, installation, measurement and operation of optic and physical cables. The Company has a good technical material. There are 4 (four) mobile laboratory trucks, 3 (three) "Gazel" brand trucks, 2 (two) "Mercedes car, a cable’s wagon, a compressor PKSD 5.25-, 3 (three ) diesel generators, 1 (one) "Hidromek HMK 102 S" excavator, 1 (one) KAMAZ dump truck and etc in the balance sheet of the company. There is „Fijikura - 40 S" brand welding and measuring apparatus, 2 (two) "Fijikura - 50 S" brand welding apparatus, the latest device „Fijikura - 60 S "brand welding apparatus, 4 (four) " OTDR "brand measurement apparatus, set of tools, cable Jet "specialized mechanism for the construction of cable by the method of blowing in polyethylene pipes, cable accessories, different sized cable products for welding and measurement in f polyethylene pipes. Currently there are 30 employees. Such qualified engineers as Nasibov Hamlet, Vidadi Mammadov, Arzu Veliyev, Yasar Qaracayev, Qocayev Shirzad, Nasir and others are the leading force of the company. 5 out of total number of employees are of higher education, 4 employees have received secondary technical education, and 8 are the persons who have the experience more than 20 years in this sphere.